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Service Offerings

Ideal Candidates are difficult to come by, but they help in growth and development of your company.

We are aware that there’s no one-solution that’s ideal for all, thus we offer our clients flexible hiring solutions to match their workforce needs.
We have extensive experience of providing workforce strategies across various industries.


Temporary Staffing Services

Our employees are skilled and available on demand



Assess our employees on the job and convert them to full-time if they prove valuable.


Direct Hire Placement

Looking for key players?
Conscript consultants will screen the right people for you, thus allowing you to choose from the best.
We will not only save your time, but also efforts, we are quite effective as well as efficient.
Each candidate has been trained & guided by our experts, and will therefore offer nothing but success.


“I have tried 2 or 3 recruitment agencies in the mumbai area. 

But i received a good profile from Conscript HR, they understand the requirement and give the perfect candidate


rajesh kshirsagar , HR Head

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Consulting Services

Your people make your organization. Conscript offers a variety of solutions to help you modify your workforce in a way such that it achieves maximum efficiency.
Acknowledging the need for personalized and strategic approach to build stronger teams, we at Conscript have also hired experts from various industries for consultancy.

From evaluating your current employees and hiring top performers, to leadership and development, our consultants will assist you and your workforce in reaching business goals.
With our in-depth analysis and expert opinions, we gain the insight and clarity essential for making smart decisions and preparing your business for the success in & out.

Learn more about our direct hire and temporary job agency:


Looking for temporary hiring agencies or recruiting firms in India?

Finding the right job candidate is hard…
…but talented people are core for your business success. Conscript can FIND RIGHT CANDIDATE FOR YOUR Business

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