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Exchange of Candidate Data,

get 50, give 5.

It's amazing!

Very Simple Steps

Step 1:

Fill out the Google Sheet with the required candidate information


Step 2:

 The database of relevant candidates will be collected and searched by email by our back end team ( 50 Database in Excel format )


Step 3:

The Job Description of the candidate we need will be shared with you. Only relevant candidates' resumes need to be shared with us. 

Step 4:

You will search the relevant candidate database and forward the resume of the candidate you find.( At  least 5 Resume's of Relevant Candidate )

Step 5:

We should repeat this process only if you are getting the relevant candidates and we are getting the perfect fit candidates. 

Important Points

This is only for IT Candidate's ( India)

Mostly for the generic Requirement not very niche Requirement


You will get the Database with in 48 Hours and request you also should give the resume with in 48 hours.

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