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Niche Recruiting



Niche recruiters cover one industry or a few industries. They specialize in a smaller area, accepting only certain job orders and clients. The potential candidate pool is much smaller as you are looking for people with specific skills.


Niche Recruiting is not just a catchphrase. It's the key to your success as a recruiter. By recruiting and marketing to a specific niche, you can revitalize your business and see a dramatic increase in requisitions, placements, and income.


  • The purpose of a niche recruiter is to selects highly talented candidates from very few domains.

  •  To provides the industry with highly skilled and talented candidates from a particular geographical area who have sound knowledge in their field.

  • To cover one or more market sectors and find candidates with specific skill sets in a particular niche.


●      Be specific in job descriptions

●      Study your chosen industries

●       Develop your networking skills

●       Use your niche knowledge to find candidates

●       Use niche employment websites and groups

●      Map your niche market

●      Be present in your niche market

●       Offer more to clients than the competition

The basic function of a Niche Recruiter:

  • Select Incremental Niche

  • Specialize where skills are scarce

  • Become aware of the kind of potential needs

  • Reflect his niche

  • restrict the range of activity titles

  • Contact Ex-employers

  • Create marketing opportunities

  • Create a referral technique

  • Ship applicants a couple of possibilities

  • Increase your follow-up process

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