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Nina met me sad and sighing. Right at the door, she began the sad tale of the second love of her failed life. First love, of course, is a husband who left this world untimely. The story continued in the kitchen while the coffee was being prepared; then in the hall at the table and reached its climax with the second bottle of Forte Lyon

By this time, we were already girlfriends inseparable water, I held back a yawn and hardly maintained a sympathetic look, and the epilogue in Nina's narration was not even guessed.

- …Did not love. Never loved. Only the pillow knows how many tears I shed from these endless business trips. Well, why, why does he need condoms? But always in the left pocket of the jacket. And everyone is different. He tells me that he is leaving on business, and Valya, a neighbor, calls from Radishchev: “Nina! Again his car is in the yard!”

The coffee was repeated, the story in general terms, too, when Nina finally reached the shore.


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