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Client Referral Program

Get Paid Every Time We Recruit

Yes. It's True!!!

You read it Right. Just Refer Once, Get Paid every time we recruit. Unbelievable. But 100% true. Introducing Amazing Client Referral Program! where you just refer us to your friend who is into HR/Recruitment/Talent Acquisition. Your friend should be working in a company, which is recruiting. (Should NOT be working in a Staffing / Recruitment Company)

Get upto XX% of our Billing.

Depending upon what positions your friend gives us to work on, we will pay you accordingly. Starting from XX%, upto XX% of our Billing will be paid to you. If your friend gives us senior positions to work on we will pay you higher %. We have different slabs based on monthly revenue. for more information on slabs, please contact us

It's very Simple.

  • No Investment

  • No Office

  • No Infrastructure

  • No Employees

  • No Job Portal

  • No Scheduling, Interviewing

Industry Expertise

Any Industry except BPO/ITES, but We do not work on the positions below 5 Lakhs (CTC)

We Pay! But Why???

Like every company, we too want business. The difference is we are not self-centered. We are willing to share the revenues. You help us getting business, in return we will make you rich.

Here is what You Do!

  • Find how many of your Friends are in Recruitment.

  • Speak to them and forwarding our Profile. 

  • Call me and give me the details of your friend & company

  • Our Marketing Manager will speak to your friend and Start working on the Requirements of your friend. Your friend should confirm your referral

  • We place Candidates in your Friends company, Raise Invoice, We get the payment, We will send you a Cheque of Referral Fees

  • If your friend keeps recruiting, we keep paying you

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