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The sole aim of a recruiter is to find the best fit for the job and in this expedition to secure the best talent, the recruiter has to look beyond the applications

submitted, towards the passive job seekers. Possessing a splendid skill set, the passive job seekers are aspirants who are currently employed and not actively looking for a job but may be interested to take up a good job opportunity. Here are a few ways to tap the latent talent and fill in the job positions with the most suitable candidates:

1. Marvellous Marketing

Gradually, recruiting is integrating with marketing which makes reaching out to

passive job candidates much easier. Content creation and usage of social media

channels can prove very instrumental to connecting with the passive job candidates.

For instance, using information such as interests, training, capabilities etc. which is

available on platforms like Facebook can aid in finding the suitable candidates and

they can be targeted to fill in the position.

Recruiting thought leader, Lou Alder believes that “People make decision to leave a

comfortable role because they see a new position as a positive career move”. Hence,

marketing the job posting in a way that highlights the opportunities it holds can

attract passive candidates.

2. Strong Mission and Value Proposition

At any given time, just 33% of representatives are locked in at work. This implies no

less than 66% of representatives can be tapped. There's a major distinction between just a mere employee and a satisfied worker. Every other factor being equivalent (remuneration, benefits, and so on), a solid organization mission and offer will interest already employed potential candidates.

Demonstrate that it's additionally remunerating to work for you with a formal offer

that promotes what separates you. This may include:

 Open doors for self-improvement;

 Open doors for proficient headway;

 Your novel accentuation on cooperation;

 A commitment to ground breaking administration;

 Progressing worker acknowledgment programs;

 Network benefit programs.

3. Help Discontent Passive Candidates Find You

Alluring discontent passive candidates for the most part requires focus on outreach.

These latent job seekers must be carried into the channel with a more

approach. Make professional page video content. Recordings aren't only an extraordinary method to acquaint potential candidates with your image, they likewise keep guests on your site longer.

Decide the correct Keywords and use Schema mark-up apparatuses to help

discontent passive candidates find you. Passive job seekers are more selective than active job seekers and would only agree to a job position it they view it as a valuable opportunity. This makes the job of the recruiter all the more challenging and he needs to be proactive to secure the best talent.


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