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Updated: Sep 27, 2018

The Employment market has been advancing and candidates have been equipping

themselves with the latest skills to enhance their employability. With the growing

number of competent candidates, here are a few skills that the recruiters need to look

for in a candidate so as to pick the best out of all:

1. Passion and Confidence: Every company would be glad to have a worker on

board who is enthusiastic about his/her work, about the organization and the

values it conveys. Somebody who talks, looks and acts like a genuine brand

minister. Somebody who effectively has the capacity to draw in new customers,

who gets the message out and who can obtain feedback out of the customers.

This quality however, cannot be ascertained just by analyzing the resume.

Hence, a recruiter must make an effort to interact personally with the candidate

and ask the right questions to assess whether he/she possess the motivation for

the job. Pre-interview via telephone can be one tool that the recruiter can employ

for this purpose.

2. Communication: A study showed that 98 percent of employers say effective

communication skills are essential for their candidates. A recruiter would be

looking for someone who knows how to communicate the right way in any

situation (no matter whether it is verbally on the phone or face to face, in writing

emails/letters, posting on social media or by using body language).

3. Target-driven: Every recruiter would be happy to have an employee on board

who is highly self-motivated. Someone who doesn’t need to be pushed or

reminded of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

4. Teamwork: Teamwork is the essence to success of every company and getting

employees on board who work well as a team is what recruiters strive for. Having

a great team worker among your staff can have the following benefits for your

company: objectives will be accomplished faster, targets will be met or even

surpassed and workplace will be more joyful, more advantageous, more positive

and more beneficial because of the cooperation.

5. Competence: Every recruiter would be happy to have an employee on board

who is fully competent in his job duties. Someone who knows what, when and

how something needs to be done. A person who can accomplish certain

outcomes if clear targets are being set.

6. Adaptability: An employee who is flexible with regard to working hours, working

days, travel commitments and job duties is highly desirable. Someone who can

show that he will not stop as soon as the clock strikes 5pm, who is also prepared

to work during unsocial hours, who is prepared to travel to other cities or

countries and can stay away from home for some days and who takes on duties

out of their official job description is often hard to find and therefore welcomed.

7. Problem – solver: Every recruiter would be happy to have an employee on

board who is an effective problem solver. Somebody who knows precisely how to

handle and take care of emerging issues amid specific assignments.

8. Integrity: Candidates carrying a genuine feeling of uprightness should be

preferred over the ones that don’t. Someone who is honest with themselves and

with others, who doesn’t have any problems in admitting their strengths and

weaknesses, who is loyal and would never criticize an employer or other staff

members (previous and current ones).

9. Reliability: Each employer would be glad to have a worker on board who can

be trusted and depended on regardless of what the conditions may be. Realizing

that somebody is there who can assume responsibility of specific errands and

can be an exceptionally reassuring.

10. Storytelling: According to LinkedIn, the skill of storytelling is really important for

any candidate and unfortunately this is the skill which is completely ignored by

most of the recruiters. It’s a scientific and intellectual skill, it provides a

humongous opportunity to any recruitment company. Figures, facts and

communication skills combined with storytelling grabs fast attention and provides an interesting twist to the concept. Therefore, focusing on this skill is absolutely a



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