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Online reference checking: Add more insights to your hiring process, plus time saving and compliance

The cost of a bad hiring decisions can be many times the salary for a given job role when you add up recruitment and advertising fees, disrupted projects or performance goals, and potential harm to team morale and also to candidate’s performance and affects candidate overall performance.

1.A modern-day approach to reference checks

A big stumbling block to consistent reference checking is how unpredictable the traditional phone-based approach to reference checking process can be as candidate also prefer digital process instead of phone calls. It is difficult to reach a candidate’s references by phone, and recruiters are often routed to HR departments for canned responses and have to follow up a lot in order to get connected to the reference via phone

2.Job candidate data that is more reliable and useful

Digital reference checking improves the quality of the feedback you get to make a hiring decision because it provides references a confidential forum and structured format to offer. Their feedback, delivered through job-specific which in turn helping candidate’s soft skills on number of key topics that are set by organization as according to their parameter.

3.Features in an online reference checking solution

Here is key thing you should look for when considering an online reference solution for checking the reliable solution and get a result to sustain and one can follow.

Seamless: Integrates easily into your tracking system or customer relationship management  (CRM) Software, enabling you to start tracking and managing references’ feedback. When you switch to online reference checking, you’ll get better, more accurate feedback from candidates’ references, and faster than ever before.

Speed hiring processes

Easily configure and automate referencing workflows in the organization. Choose from hundreds of job-specific surveys that ask references about the soft skills that lead to success, or use your own and rely on the parameters set by organization for every process.

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Suddh News
Suddh News
Dec 17, 2018

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Aditya Pandey

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