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Getting over pre-interview nerves

1. Practice practice practice

The importance of this technique is to slow down and be deliberate not just in the things you do, but the feelings you let take over. It reminds you that you have the power to banish your own fears, doubts, and nerves in even the most pressure-cooker situations.

2. Prepare for the Worst

Whatever your biggest fear is, there’s always an answer for it. Lettuce in your teeth? Pack a compact mirror and floss in your bag. Worried about not having a good response to a tricky question? Be proactive and learn how to cover your tracks. By thinking ahead, you can truly rest assured knowing that even if the worst happens, you’re more than ready to handle it.

3. Do your research 

So maybe you’re not looking forward to nervous-sweating for two hours in front of a complete stranger, but what’s something you’d be excited to power through this for? A nice meal? A massage? A date with your dog and your favorite Netflix show? Whatever it is, prepare for it to be ready for you when you’re done—this way, you have something awesome to look forward to and focus on, instead of your jitters.

4. Reality check

It’s not crazy to talk to yourself—it’s smart (and scientifically proven to. Tell yourself all the things you need to hear: you’re smart, you’re qualified for this role, you’re going to kill it. Say it out loud (that makes it really stick) and say it with confidence. Just make sure you find a quiet place to do it.

5. Just breathe

Or, whatever else pumps you up (a podcast, a speech by your idol). This way, you can fill your head with energy and excitement, rather than negative thoughts. It is just a example to just breathe and also to have a nap and relax.


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