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How to create a email newsletter that will impress your boss in 8 easy steps)

1: Develop a newsletter strategy

Setting a goal in advance is important. It will not only help you craft content, but it will decide which results you should use to measure the success of the email newsletter. Every email should include a strong call to action -- by strong, I mean typically a large, impossible-to-miss button -- encouraging recipients to do whatever will help you achieve your goal.

2: Create the content for the newsletter

If you’re creating a digest email, I have great news – you have content you can repurpose! Write catchy introductions of the articles you’re featuring that will make readers want to know more, and consequently follow the links to your website. Anyways if you need to hustle for new content, consider setting up a hub on your company’s intranet.

3: Browse email newsletter templates

One of the benefits of email marketing software is the templates these platforms provide. Do some exploring and choose the one that’s the best fit for your newsletter. Always browse email newsletter templates which will benefit your email marketing software and also help you to perform every task at ease.

4: Determine an email outreach strategy

Most likely you already have a database of customers, stakeholders, and/or potential clients that you can send to. Speaking of personalization, now is the time to think about your subject line.

5: Don’t forget about legal compliance

Once we’re all done feeling weird about pornography being lumped in with marketing, let’s go over the important things you need to check off before you hit the big Send button, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

6: Offer an unsubscribe option

I know we just went over this, but this is a trap you don’t want to fall into. Make sure “unsubscribe” is easily accessible and visible. Don’t make people work for it. We’ve all been there, and it just creates brand animosity. And, as mentioned above, could get you in legal trouble.

7: Send a test email

Sit back and relax. Most likely, your boss is probably thinking you’re a low-key newsletter guru. Maybe you’ll even get another desk fly-by congratulating you on an excellent creation. I hope so because you deserve it! The data results, such as the open rate and click rate, can also help guide you as you build the next newsletter.


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