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Pre- Employment Assessment [ the ultimate guide]

Pre-employment tests are an objective, standardized way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process as according to organisation parameter. As according on the type of test being user, pre-employment assessments can provide relevant information on a job applicant's ability to perform in the workplace and prospect of career.

1. What are pre-employment assessments?

Pre-employment assessments are tests and tools used to compare the capabilities and other parameters set by organization for their candidates in order to find the best match for job and organization. They come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from personality and skill assessments, to culture fit and knowledge tests and beyond.

2. When do you need pre-employment assessments?

Now, this is where things get interesting. Pre-employment assessments can benefit almost any business. But you’ll get the most value out of them if you actually know where the challenges in your current selection process and set parameter to lie and what it is you want to fix.

3. How to implement assessments

Now that we know the domains in which pre-employment assessments can help, it’s time for the next step. Because implementing assessments is quite the balancing act. Although it’s a balancing act, there are steps you can take to make the process as smooth as possible.

4. An example

Again, the story is fictional but it is something we’ve seen many times with organizations we work with. The hiring process right now consists of a phone interview, a face-to-face interview, a case and a final interview and finally a round of document verification.

5. Continuous Improvement

After you’ve implemented your assessments and got positive results, the interesting part starts. We’re living in an age of data, and deciding not to work with – and utilize data, means you’re driving blind. Especially when the competition does use data to improve their hiring process.

6.Over to you

There we go. The basics of pre-employment assessments in a single overview It’s a wondrous world, that’s definitely worth exploring. Especially now with technology entering the space as well. The days of single-serving boring assessments are over. And the days of candidate experience improving, time to hire decreasing and quality improving online assessment experiences are here!

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Suddh News
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